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Advocacy Outreach helps build successful people and families with the resources to take care of their own needs, both immediate and long-term, and the ability to advocate for themselves in the community, schools and the workplace. Our Mission is to facilitate social change and justice through advocacy and a provision of services to the poor and disenfranchised in Bastrop County and surrounding rural areas.



Patsy Hoffman

Patsy Hoffman has had an impact on nearly every aspect of community life in Elgin over the past several years.

Elgin’s Appearance

Her 12 years of participation on the Elgin Historic Review Board has influenced the aesthetic appeal of our city and helped businesses.

Elgin’s History

Participation in the Elgin Cemetery Association and the Elgin Historical Association has helped the Elgin community maintain a sense of history. She is currently President of the Board of the Elgin Cemetery Association after serving as its Treasurer for the past four years. As a member of the Board and volunteer docent of the Elgin Historical Association she has helped bring many interesting exhibits to Elgin at the Depot Museum.

Literacy of Elgin Residents

She has been an advocate for literacy as a member of the Elgin Library Advisory Board for 12 years; as President of the Friends of the Elgin Library; and, in her work with the Advocacy Outreach Family Literacy Program.

Elgin’s Safety Net

Patsy has worked with low-income families, disabled individuals, people who are homeless and otherwise in need for 16 years as a staff member of Advocacy Outreach. She has made it possible for hundreds of children to have a happy Christmas through her management of the Christmas Gift Program and she has ensured that dozens of elderly and disabled Elgin residents had adequate heating and cooling by creating a program for the distribution of electric heaters and fans to households in need. She supervises the volunteers who maintain the Advocacy Outreach Free Thrift Store and has helped several disabled adults manage their Social Security benefits as their payee. In addition, she keeps Advocacy Outreach running by managing the office and serving as receptionist and secretary.

Elgin’s Stray Animals

For the past three years, Patsy has also been involved, as a volunteer, with the Alley Cats, a “rescue, neuter and return” program that has, as its mission, reducing the number of strays on the streets of Elgin.

Patsy grew up in Elgin and returned here when she retired from her career in television advertising so that she could do something good for her original hometown. She has accomplished change in nearly every aspect of community life in Elgin and she is a role model for the staff of Advocacy Outreach.

Advocacy Outreach Current Classes

New Classes for our Family Literacy Program and Night Time ESL will be forming call 512-281-4180 for more information.

Family Literacy Program ~ Programa de Alfabetizacion Familiar at Manor ISD Excel Campus Clases para aprender ingles

Clases de Ingles de noche para Adultos en Manor High School Information in English y espanol

Area Educational Opportunities

Are you interested in Adult Basic Education/GED classes?  The GED test is changing beginning January 2, 2014  If you have not passed all sections of the GED by December 2013, then you will need to start all over again!  For more information, visit http://www.gedtestingservice.com/educators/new-assessment

As of 2016 there are new options for the High School Equivalency exam. Click here for more info. Click here for info on ACC's GED Classes

GED classes in the Austin area fall 2015-2016, sponsored by Austin Community College: To sign up for an orientation, visit http://www.austincc.edu/abe/ged/ora/

ABE/GED classes and locations at Austin Community College for 2015-2016: http://www.austincc.edu/abe/ged/schedule/ 

Are you interested in English (ESL) classes at Austin Community College? Click here to find out about upcoming orientations http://www.austincc.edu/abe/esl/ora/

Are you interested in ESL classes in Elgin? Classes are held at the Elgin Library's Civic Center.  Call 512-281-5678 for more information.http://elginpubliclibrary.org/news-events/lib-news/dual-language-course-learn-english-learn-spanish


Advocacy Outreach
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Phone 512 281-4180 ~ FAX 512 281-959

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